Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment helps to save teeth with infectious pulp tissue (tooth’s immune system, which consists of nerve fibers and blood vessels) which is caused by caries or leakage of an old filling. The aim of treatment is to eliminate bacteria from the root canal system by chemomechanical cleaning and tight-seal (obturation).

Usually cleaning of the root canals is done during the first appointment, after which an antibacterial medicament is placed and sealed with a temporary filling.

Root canal treatment may take from one to three appointments depending on the nature of dental root inflammation. Once the root canal system is free from infection, the canals are filled by a thermoplastic material, in order to prevent the re-entry of bacteria into the root canal system.

Short-term pain may occur after the appointments which may be caused by reaction to the antibacterial agents.

An X-ray imaging is performed half a year after root canal treatment to check the healing of any extensive apical bone destruction.